X-Ray Interpretation

Typed reports (not checklists) are required for each radiographic series taken. I create these required reports fast and inexpensively:

  • Regular films or digital radiographs.
  • Regular films: mail to my office.
  • Digital films: (1) export DICOM files and upload to a cloud-based HIPAA compliant folder from any computer, (2) upload DICOM files direct from any CD (not many can do that), or if you prefer (3) regular-mail a DICOM CD through the US Post Office. I will send reports back through the same HIPAA compliant cloud-based server to your office. This service is SIMPLE, FREE to you and sets-up in seconds! In a matter of minutes, you can upload your images to me Free, and we can be discussing them together while we are both looking at them on our internet-accessible devices.
  • Everything is HIPAA compliant. DICOM files and all patient records/reports/information must be sent encrypted over the internet/email (or faxed or hard-mailed). Transport of any such patient information by standard email will violate HIPAA laws.
  • Forms, labels, mailers supplied.
  • All read by Dr Bustin, 36 years experience.
  • Turnaround time is 1 to 2 days max.

Lowest rates around:

  • Current payment policy as of October 2022.
  • Insurance billing will be limited to ASH cases by ASH providers beginning April 1, 2020.
  • Liens will no longer be accepted beginning April 1, 2020.
  • With the exception of ASH, all x-rays will be read at a cash price of $20.00 per body area.  If the doctor sends 10 or more body areas per month, the price drops to $15.00 per body area, which is a great deal.  An additional charge of $10.00 is added for C/S flexion & extension stress views.
  • If plain films are being sent back through the USPS, I add the cost of mailing the films back.

Help with your x-ray equipment or other licentiate supervisor responsibilities:

  • The licentiate supervisor is responsible for all x-ray matters taking place in your facility. I offer information and many other things to help make your life a little easier, most of which are FREE.
  • For advice on improving image quality, my experience regarding which digital equipment is best, phone me.
  • Custom x-ray technique wall charts based upon exposure index, please call.
  • Biennial CDPH x-ray equipment inspections are stressful. Here is a checklist to help decrease stress by helping get you ready for the inspection: browse to INFORMATION RESOURCES, X-RAY EQUPMENT INSPECTION CHECKLIST.
  • RHB required Radiation Safety & Protection Program for a small office available for a nominal charge of $22 (others are gouging doctors for $100+). Browse to INFORMATION RESOURCES, REQUIRED SMALL OFFICE RADIATION SAFETY PROGRAM.
  • Mature 12 hour live webinar prep course to pass the NEW ARRT-administered CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor & Operator Permit (XSOP) exam to earn the coveted and necessary permit. This is a huge upgrade to your professional status because in California, each radiography facility must be under the control of a licentiate (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA) supervisor with a copy of a current XSOP posted on the wall. Supervisors can both supervise installations and take x-rays. Only licensed supervisors or supervised permitted x-ray technologists (RT) or supervised limited x-ray technicians (XT) can legally apply x-rays to human beings. Licentiates (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA) WITHOUT a XSOP may not position, factor or fire an x-ray machine on a human being. The CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator Permit (XSOP) is exactly the same for all California licentiates (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA), and all California licentiates take exactly the same CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator Permit exam to get one. I can help you get that valuable XSOP that you really need. Read more about this at: CONTINUING EDUCATION, COURSE DETAILS, and INFORMATION RESOURCES, FAQS X-RAY SUPERVISOR AND OPERATOR PERMIT. Knowledge is power.

Thank You!
If interested or you have questions, please phone my office:
(909) 599-0237 or email me:
[email protected]