X-Ray Interpretation

Typed reports (not checklists) are required for each radiographic series taken. I create these required reports fast and inexpensively:

  • Will read on site at doctor’s office, please call.
  • Regular films or digital radiographs.
  • Regular films: pick up or mail to my office.
  • Digital films: send all possible ways; all HIPAA compliant: (1) direct DICOM send from your x-ray server, (2) export DICOM files and upload from any computer, (3) upload DICOM files direct from any CD (not many can do that), or if you prefer (4) regular-mail a DICOM CD through the US Post Office. I will send reports back through the same HIPAA compliant cloud-based server to your office, often the same day! This service is SIMPLE, FREE to you and sets-up in seconds! In a matter of minutes, you can upload your images to me Free, and we can be discussing them together while we are both looking at them on our computers, from any location.
  • Everything is HIPAA compliant. DICOM files and all patient records/reports/information must be sent over the internet/email encrypted (or faxed or hard-mailed). Transport of any such patient information by standard email will violate HIPAA laws.
  • Forms, labels, mailers supplied.
  • All read by Dr Bustin, 33 years experience.
  • Turnaround time is 1 to 2 days max.

Lowest rates around:

  • Current payment policy as of October 2022.
  • Insurance billing will be limited to ASH cases by ASH providers beginning April 1, 2020.
  • Liens will no longer be accepted beginning April 1, 2020.
  • With the exception of ASH, all x-rays will be read at a cash price of $20.00 per body area.  If the doctor sends 10 or more body areas per month, the price drops to $15.00 per body area, which is a great deal.  An additional charge of $10.00 is added for C/S flexion & extension stress views. Full spine AP and lateral views are read for $40.00, also a great deal.
  • If plain films are being sent back through the USPS, I add the cost of mailing the films back.

Help with your x-ray equipment or other licentiate supervisor responsibilities:

  • The licentiate supervisor is responsible for all x-ray matters taking place in your facility. I offer information and a few other things to help make your life a little easier, most of which are FREE.
  • Advice on improving image quality, my experience regarding which digital equipment is good, and which is not; just phone me.
  • Custom x-ray technique wall charts to your specifications, please call.
  • On-site help within reasonable driving distance.
  • Biennial CDPH x-ray equipment inspections are stressful. Here is a checklist to help decrease stress by helping get you ready for the inspection: browse to INFORMATION RESOURCES, X-RAY EQUPMENT INSPECTION CHECKLIST.
  • Required Radiation Safety Program for small office, FREE to clients and attendees of my seminars, others can get it for a nominal charge of $22 (others are gouging doctors for $100+). Browse to INFORMATION RESOURCES, REQUIRED SMALL OFFICE RADIATION SAFETY PROGRAM.
  • Mature 12 hour live webinar prep course to pass the NEW ARRT-administered CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor & Operator Permit (XSOP) exam to earn the coveted and necessary permit. This is a huge upgrade to your professional status because in California, each radiography facility must be under the control of a licentiate (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA) supervisor with a copy of current XSOP posted on the wall. Supervisors can both supervise installations and take x-rays. Only licensed supervisors or supervised permitted x-ray technologists (RT) or supervised limited x-ray technicians (XT) (or medical radiologists with a Radiology Supervisor Certificate) can legally apply x-rays to human beings. Licentiates (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA) WITHOUT a XSOP are not even allowed to position a live x-ray machine on a human being. The CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator Permit (XSOP) is exactly the same for all California licentiates (MD, DO, DC, DPM, PA), and all California licentiates take exactly the same CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator Permit exam to get one. I can help you get that valuable XSOP that you really need. Read more about this at: CONTINUING EDUCATION, COURSE DETAILS, and INFORMATION RESOURCES, FAQS X-RAY SUPERVISOR AND OPERATOR PERMIT. Knowledge is power.

Thank You!
If interested or you have questions, please phone my office:
(909) 599-0237 or email me:
[email protected]