Mission Statement

To be vigilant of changing California laws regarding Chiropractic and x-ray, and notify doctors of possible consequences to their practices.

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The state of diagnostic imaging today is complex and rapidly-evolving. We provide doctors with continuing education to satisfy California x-ray and Chiropractic recertification and relicensing requirements, sharpen diagnostic skills and better utilize diagnostic imaging in their practices. I also offer a webinar-based mature and effective prep course to prepare the doctor to pass the difficult NEW ARRT-administered CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor and Operator Permit exam.

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If your office will soon be inspected by CDPH, note my free PRE-INSPECTION CHECKLIST to help you prepare.

Formal x-ray reports are a legal requirement for all radiographs taken on human beings. We offer Chiropractors x-ray interpretation by a Chiropractic radiologist for their analog and digital radiographs at bargain prices. For analog (films): regular mail, pick-up or even read on-site (distance limited). For digital radiographs choose from the following options, all HIPAA compliant: (1) direct DICOM send from your x-ray server, (2) export and upload direct from any computer, (3) upload direct from any CD from any computer (not many can do that), all free of charge, or if you prefer, (4) mail your DICOM CD through the US Post Office.

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