• Annual Chiropractic license renewal requires 24 hours of 'approved' continuing education (CE) of which any 12 hours can be ONLINE learning. Of the 24 annual required hours (of which 12 hours can be online), 6 hours must be in the 'mandatory' category. The remaining 18 annual hours can be in any approved category, including diagnostic testing which includes x-ray. Note that there is no x-ray requirement for Chiropractic license renewal, but if you take an approved x-ray course, it counts as Cat B Subdiv 4 CE: Dx Testing Procedures & DDx, for renewal of your Chiropractic license. Our 10 Hours X-Ray in One Webinar course is approved for renewal of both your XSOP and your Chiropractic license simultaneously.
  • All licentiates (MD, DO, DC, DPM) who have a CDPH-RHB Radiography Supervisor and Operator Permit (XSOP-about half of the Chiropractors in CA) must renew this permit separately. Ten hours of 'approved' x-ray CE are required independently every two years by the California Department Of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-RHB) to renew your CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor & Operator permit (XSOP). Read more about this at INFORMATION RESOURCES, FAQS X-RAY SUPERVISOR & OPERATOR PERMIT.
  • Note my pre-inspection checklist if the CDPH will soon be inspecting your x-ray facility.
  • Our seminars offer FREE certificates & FREE duplicate certificates if you lose your original.
  • If you are open to taking courses on your computer, smartphone or other mobile device (eliminating all travel), our webinar attendees get x-ray hours faster and less expensively than any other Board approved method. Thru December 2016 webinars were classified as live classroom courses. As of January 2017, webinars have been re-classified by the BCE as online/distance learning limited to 12 hours per year for Chiropractic license renewal. This does not affect CDPH-RHB XSOP renewal. Attend from any location you can connect to the internet. No getting up at 5AM, no driving, no parking, no paying high prices for food, and no test required are all benefits of webinars.
  • If you are in need of a small office radiation safety program, go to INFORMATION RESOURCES, SMALL OFFICE RADIATION SAFETY PROGRAM.
  • I offer a webinar-based 12 hour mature and effective prep course for licentiates (MD, DO, DC, DPM) who must pass the difficult ARRT-administered CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator exam to get a CDPH-RHB Radiography XSOP. Plus I record all 12 hours, including all practice questions, for you to study from after our sessions conclude. Repetition is everything. Read more about this under CONTINUING EDUCATION, COURSE DETAILS and INFORMATION RESOURCES, NEW CA RADIOGRAPHY XSOP EXAM.