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How To Register For A Course

1. Download a REGISTRATION FORM by clicking the first blue bar/button below. Please fill it out and fax or email to the number/email on the form.  Note that a completed registration form is only necessary when signing up to take a course, such as the CDPH-RHB Radiography X-Ray Supervisor And Operator Permit Exam Prep Course and 5 Hour X-Ray webinars.

2. Pay using your credit card or PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now Button that matches your choice. You will have the opportunity to add comments during the process. DO  NOT  PAY FOR THE XSOP PREP COURSE UNTIL AFTER YOU CONTACT ME FIRST!

Radiation Safety and
Protection Program


Digital X-Ray IR


Film/Screen X-Ray IR


DEXA Machine

5 Hour X-Ray Webinar
DX, CSpine & TLSpine

4-5 Hours CE

1-3 Hours CE

CDPH-RHB Radiography
X-Ray Supervisor & Operator
Permit Exam Prep Course


PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING:  Paypal charges me a small non-refundable processing fee ($1.26 to $5.73) each time an item is purchased off this site.  ALL REFUNDS WILL BE LESS THE PAYPAL PROCESSING FEE, so please choose carefully from the above choices.

The last XSOP Prep Course was completed in February 2023 and another one will not be given for several months, possibly not until 2024. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR THE SUPERVISOR EXAM PREP COURSE BEFORE CONTACTING ME FIRST -- EMAIL IS BEST.

After purchasing a Radiation Safety Program, note that I will email it to you at my first opportunity. If you purchase after 6:00PM, it may not be sent to you until the next morning. IT IS NOT A DIRECT DOWNLOAD OFF MY SITE, I MUST SEND IT TO YOU. Please understand, Thank you.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email at any time. With our live webinars, you will see everything on your computer, tablet or phone screen, better than at any hotel, and you will hear everything through the speakers or earphones of your computer, tablet or phone, better than at any hotel. You will enjoy the webinar more if you also have a microphone connected so you can speak live to everyone in the 'room'; some occasionally in another country half-way around the world. Webinars are a lot of fun and more convenient than any other live seminar format. Other positive points: no waking up at 5am, no driving, no parking, no having to find lunch and no test required during or afterward. The prep course for the ARRT-administered CDPH-RHB Radiography XSOP exam is recorded so you can revisit the material over and over.....

Thank You!