Required User Access To CCR Title 17

Each "user" who possesses a reportable radiation source is required to have access to a current copy of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), title 17, subchapters 4, 4.5 and 4.6. These regulations, incorporate the standards from Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, part 20, (10CFR 20) sections 20:1001 through 20:2404 and appendices A through F inclusive govern the use, inspection, and registration of reportable sources of radiation.

Applicable Definitions:

"User" means any person who is licensed to possess radioactive material or who has registered as possessing a reportable source of radiation, CCR, title 17, and section 30100(z). Each user shall conspicuously post a current copy of this regulation and a copy of operating and emergency procedures applicable to work with sources of radiation. If posting of the specified documents is not practicable, the user may post a notice, which describes where they may be examined, CCR, title 17, section 30255 (2).

A "User" Can Demonstrate Compliance By:

1. Possessing a hard copy of the current regulations: Barclays RHB package number 17 01 550 ($91.00 credit cards accepted): Thomson-Reuters/Barclays, PO Box 95767, Chicago IL 60694-5767, Disadvantage: must be CURRENT, so you will need to buy a new Barclays manual every time a regulation change goes into effect. It is not likely the busy doctor will be aware of regulation changes, so to be safe one must buy a new Barclays every year or two.


2. Demonstrating that during business hours, any "user"/staff member can access the regulations via the internet and demonstrate familiarity with the regulations. State inspectors do not provide website use training. If internet access is limited, the "user" must post a notice that describes the document and states where and when it may be examined via the internet. Disadvantage: though the material is always current, "users"/staff members who do not know how to use a computer/device to browse to the material will have to be trained.


10CFR20 Standards For Protection Against Radiation can be located using Google or and saved as a favorite place on a computer accessible to all individuals that work with or around radiation.

California Code of Regulations, title 17 may be found using the Office of Administrative Law website ( Save this website as a favorite place.

Scroll down the page to "California Code of Regulations" and click on the box.
Scroll down and select "Title 17. Public Health"
Select "Division 1. State Department of Health Services"
Select "Chapter 5. Sanitation (Environmental)"

Select "Subchapter 4. Radiation"
▪ Group 1: General
▪ Group 1.5: Registration of Sources of Radiation
▪ Group 2: Licensing of Radioactive Materials
▪ Group 3: Standards for Protection Against Radiation
▪ Group 4: Transportation of Radioactive Material
▪ Group 5: Participation by Local Health Departments

OR Select "Subchapter 4.5 Radiologic Technology"

▪ Group 1: Administration
▪ Group 2: Training of Students of Radiologic Technology|
▪ Group 3: Certificates for Radiologic Technologists and Permits for Limited Permit X-Ray Technicians
▪ Group 4: Use of Fluoroscopy Equipment by Radiologic Technologists
▪ Group 4.5: Use of Mammography Equipment by Radiologic Technologists
▪ Group 4.6: Use of Fluoroscopy Equipment by Physician Assistants
▪ Group 5: Certification of Licentiates

The instructions to access California Code of Regulations, title 17 must be accessible to all individuals working in or around radiation.