CDPH QA Regulations For Wet Processor


The California Department Of Public Health (CDPH) recently finalized new regulations regarding x-ray equipment. These new regulations TOOK EFFECT OCTOBER 2012. Included in these new regulations is a section pertaining to "film processors" that you need to read. See links at the end of this section: Link (1) is the final draft regulation, link (2) is a CDPH file that answers most of your questions about the new regulations, and link (3) puts you on the CDPH website to see the history and all documents related to the new regulations. I have had numerous email and phone conversations with radiation physicists at CDPH-RHB, including several with the inspection compliance chief. Based on their comments I can tell you that misinformation is rampant on the 'outside'.

The new regulations are absolutely being enforced during routine equipment inspections, so please read them for yourself (click on links). By your second post-regulation inspection, site inspectors will expect your QA program to be in full operation. If you are today using x-ray in your office, with a wet film processor (manual or automatic), WITHOUT performing the new required daily and semi-monthly quality assurance (QA) procedures, then you are in violation of the new CDPH regulations and will be cited at your next x-ray equipment inspection. You will be required to post the citation in your office in plain view of patients, and depending upon site inspector option, may or may not be allowed to take x-rays in your office during the 35 day period you are given to correct the violation. If you initiate the required QA procedures now (even though a year+ beyond October 2012), you will be given a corrected citation that does not have to be posted, and your office procedures continue unhindered. You now have only two choices if you want to keep x-ray in your office: (1) begin the new QA procedures immediately (which are easy if you know what to do), or (2) ditch your wet processor and switch to digital radiography.

BEGIN QA TESTING PER THE NEW REGULATION OR GO DIGITAL: I spent many hours developing an x-ray workshop to train offices how to do the QA, and get you everything you need. Plus we will cover all the basics of current digital x-ray equipment so you can consider that option. This workshop is titled: "Avoid Getting Cited, How To Perform Processor QA Or Switch To Digital X-ray." I have tried to keep the cost as low as possible ($75.00). Attendees of this workshop will: (1) be familiar with all new CDPH x-ray regulations, (2) know what new QA equipment to buy (and where to buy at the lowest price), (3) have all the necessary forms and charts, (4) know exactly how to: measure, calculate and plot density difference, mid-density and base plus fog values, keep a daily processor control chart the correct way, perform and chart fixer retention and darkroom fog testing, and lastly (5) be familiar with all digital x-ray options should you choose to upgrade to digital radiography, a rapidly-changing landscape. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, the last time I held this seminar was early 2016 in Los Angeles. Please contact me by phone or email if a special "reunion seminar" is a consideration for a group of doctors.

Note that the QA Workshop is NOT CURRENTLY BEING OFFERED. Please contact me by phone or email regarding any status changes in this course.

(1) Click Here For New CDPH X-Ray Regulations

(2) Click Here For Important FAQS Regarding These New Regulations (from CDPH)

(3) CDPH Website For History And All Documents Related To These New Regulations